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Corporate America Supports You (CASY) is a 501 (c) nonprofit organization that was created to serve the military and veteran communities in direct employment placement. For ten years this mission has successfully readied and placed hundreds of thousands of service members, family members, and veterans. The organization first began as a program under the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) and then grew into its own nonprofit (CASY) in 2010.

Today, CASY remains a driving force in military and veteran placement and recruitment nationwide. Our organization continues to successfully DRIVE qualified, thoroughly screened, military-affiliated applicants who are employment-ready to the DESKTOPS of hiring managers and provide fully accountable job placement numbers to our companies by utilizing IBM’s world-class Applicant Tracking and Case Management Technology (Kenexa 2xBrassRing) which provides real-time, verifiable tracking numbers and outcome reports to our employment partners, military branches, and supporters.

CASY needs your support! We ask you to “re-envision the U.S. workforce system” and how our organization supports current and future state and federal government workforce programs for military and veterans. Why support CASY? CASY has been recognized by the Call of Duty Endowment as one of the most efficient, sustainable, and successful nonprofits serving the military and veteran communities. Read more here.

8 reasons CASY stands out from other non-profits:

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  • Lifecycle & Structure

    • WE are military serving military! Our team understands the military way of life, recruitment, and how to help our service men and women and veterans find employment that is a fit for their skills and needs. We are a part of the communities we serve and do not have to look for people to help – they come to us.
  • Lifecycle

    • Since 2004 we have helped our service members and veterans prepare for employment, identify gaps in needs for placement; identify solutions that move unemployed and underemployed into careers that are a match for their skills and needs; and help them continue their professional development in the civilian sector. These programs began in 2004 as a veterans program under the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN). In 2011 the program outgrew its limited structure under MSCCN and was moved into its own nonprofit in 2010 – today known as Corporate America Supports You (CASY).
  • Capable Leadership

  • Relevant Programs

    • Our organization assesses needs by area in order to remain relevant and not redundant in our projects and mission. We believe in collaboration with like organizations and agencies also serving the same candidates and we take great pains to ensure our programs are structured to be supportive to other services and programs and not competitive. We believe that no one organization, agency can provide “the sole solution” to military and veteran unemployment and underemployment, but that is takes the collective work of many organizations working together to provide it.
  • Efficient Operations & Excellent Support Structure

    • CASY has been recognized by the Call of Duty Endowment as one of the most efficient, sustainable, and success nonprofit organizations serving the military and veteran community. Our operations are structured to be sustainable yet flexible enough to allow for changes as needed. The core of our programs are structured within a high-touch Applicant~Recruiter Connect™ program that supports the readiness and placement of our military and veterans at various levels. This core program is supported by sub-programs and resources that help our team facilitate mission as we support the service member and veterans as they transition into civilian employment, support and educate the employers hiring, and support the CASY team as they do the work necessary to move our candidates into positions with our partners. All of our programs are backed and tracked by our Kenexa 2xBrassRing Applicant Tracking/Case Management Recruitment system by IBM.

      All of these key parts of our program are as unique to our organization as our partnerships with the branches of service and our role in the development of the National Guard Employment Network, which is currently being implemented by National Guard Bureau inside states and territories across the nation.
  • Adaptability

    • We encourage our team to be creative, agile, and adaptable to changing needs. Too often, organizations get stuck in a rut regarding how they operate. CASY team members are ever aware of changing needs within the military, as well as changes in employment trends, hiring obstacles, and potential solutions. The program stays as creative and agile as it needs to be while remaining structurally sound – a balance between working mission and being active participants in identifying new program needs and solutions that can be created to meet those needs.
  • Ongoing Strategic Planning

    • The role of our Executive Team is to provide strong leadership, a successful and sustainable operational structure, key support programs that strengthen all operations, a strong team training and professional development platform that engages and drives our team to a higher level of productivity and success, and collaborative partnerships that support our organizations and allow us to leverage strengths and to be more agile and adaptable so as to respond more easily to changes necessary to meet mission. In addition our Executive Team works with the Board of Directors on an annual audit of operations and ongoing strategic planning.
  • Solid Finances & Diverse Revenue Streams
    • CASY receives funding from several corporate supporters and foundations. Our 990, financial statement, and annual report are all current. In 2013 CASY was assessed by the Call of Duty Endowment; the process included operational assessment and a full financial audit conducted by Deloitte. In late 2013 CASY was awarded the Call of Duty Endowment’s Seal of Distinction.

      Fully Rounded Program
      Too often we encounter organizations struggling with providing successful and sustainable programs due to:
      - Lack of proper technology
      - Lack of experience needed to meet mission needs
      - Lack of strong leadership
      - Lack of a strong, successful model
      - Lack of key support that sustains and drives successful operations
      - Inability of the organization to quickly adapt and launch programs

      CASY was structured with avoidance of these typical failing points in mind to ensure the organizations were geared for success from day one and that the organization could sustain that success for decades to come.