Benefits of Hiring Military

Why Hire Military? Military and Veterans have many skills and attributes that will add a tremendous value to your team and improve the bottom line for your company, to include the following:

Professionalism & Commitment - Commitment to seeing goals accomplished and willing to go the extra mile to accomplish tasks and goals. Have an understanding of professional work place etiquette. Capable of passing background checks and securing clearances as needed.

High Qualifications - Highly trained and qualified. Capable of Handling Multiple Projects at One Time. Experienced Project and Program Managers. Experienced in Team Development & Team Training. Capable of learning new skills and processes at a fast pace.

High Energy - Highly Motivated; capable of motivating others around them and understanding why this is important to the mission.

Strong Skills - Possess a wide range of technical skills & professional employability skills such as attention to detail, self organization, good communication skills, and timeliness.

Flexibility - Capable of adapting to new situations quickly and overcoming obstacles.

Solid Work Ethic - Dependable, honest, and hard working. Solid Contributor from Day One – able to hit the ground running.

Responsibility & Reliability - Higher maturity levels; capable of handling larger levels of responsibility and holding multiple positions simultaneously.

Commercial awareness and Customer Focus – Understand that they are a part of the bigger mission and what their part is, as well as the importance to good customer service and satisfaction.

Computer Literacy/IT Skills - Trained in Use and Management of Computer Systems (92% of military use computers at their place of duty on an ongoing basis).

Self Monitoring - Capable of working independently or as a part of a team. Good at thinking on their feet and changing directions as needed without pause.

Intellectual Curiosity - Ability to problem solve. Possess the ongoing ability and desire to learn new technologies or solutions that will continue to advance in the changing workplace.

Management & Leadership Skills - Proven Leadership & Ability to Manage Successfully.

Mission Focused – Eye on outcomes and forward movement to attain them.

Trained & Educated – Well trained/educated; accustomed to ongoing training and development and tend to seek continued development out on their own even if it is not required by the company.