Through our twelve-year work history with employers in OCEN, the CASY & MSCCN team identified issues in transitioning military, veterans, National Guard, military spouses, and caregivers into employment positions within certain industries. These issues include gaps in skills, certifications, current work experience, education, and more.

CASY developed Train2Hire programs and other solutions in partnership with industry leaders and trade associations under the American Jobs for America’s Heroes campaign. CASY has identified Train2Hire programs in the following industries:

 »  Transportation
 »  Logistics
 »  IT
 »  Customer Service & Call Center Operations
 »  Healthcare
 »  Aviation
 »  Project Management
 »  Finance & Banking
 »  Construction & Trades
 »  Oil & Gas
If your company is interested in participating in our Train2Hire programs, please contact Erin Voirol, CASY COO, at 1-877-696-7226 to set up an appointment to discuss our Train2Hire programs and industry initiatives.