What We Offer Employer Partners

Through our OCEN (One Central Employment Network) all supporting Corporate Partners receive:

 •  Unlimited job postings into the CASY OCEN or American Jobs for America’s Heroes small to mid-size company campaign
 •  Job ready military and veteran candidates

In addition to all basic program benefits, Corporate Partners can contract CASY to create a customized program created to meet the specific needs of their company. CASY offers employers a variety of services. (see below)


Need help finding QUALIFIED candidates? Through Recruiter Connect™ CASY can assign your company a recruitment professional that will help attract, screen, and assess candidates to find the right employee for you. Our team of recruitment experts will:

 •  Mine the CASY-MSCCN BrassRing IBM recruitment system to source candidates that are a fit for your jobs.
 •  Market your jobs, with an emphasis on social and digital marketing techniques.
 •  Use the science of industry skills assessment to filter and select candidates according to your needs.
 •  Use modern survey technology to validate candidate employability skills.
 •  Deliver qualified candidates who will fit into the organizational culture and contribute to your team. Send candidates through your company’s natural hiring process.
 •  Measure, track, and report on a monthly basis.

Our team is made up of military veterans and military spouses who are a part of the military community. Our military recruitment professionals will:

 •  Provide guidance on the execution of a veterans’ employment program within your company.
 •  Train your recruitment, hiring, and line managers on hiring and managing military personnel.
 •  Consult with your company on sustainability of your military and veteran hiring programs.
 •  Deliver qualified and motivated veterans, with the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience.
 •  Set up internal veterans’ networks within your company.
 •  Measure, track, and report on a monthly basis.

Contact Erin Voirol, COO of CASY at e_voirol@msccn.org to set up a meeting to discuss how your company can become an OCEN Corporate Partner.