Training Modules

CASY and MSCCN provide the tools and education you need to remain competitive in a changing job market.  Whether you are just getting started, re-entering, transitioning, or seeking a promotion, lifelong learning is the key to staying ahead.  Wherever you are in your career journey, you can trust our trainings to help you stay on track!
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About Amy Rossi

Amy Rossi, CASY-MSCCN Training Manager and Cofounder of MSCCN, is a world-renowned curriculum development specialist and training facilitator. Her credentials include: Training Development and Workshop Presenter, writer, entrepreneur, trainer, military family activist, and military spouse. She writes and trains about career passion, military family strength, patriotism, what employers want, and military job seekers' struggles in the corporate workforce. Amy is an innovator in military spouse employment and remains a strong advocate for the military-affiliated job seeker’s need for training and extended support.